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Growing Golf: Nurturing From the Ground up is Essential for Success!


Anyone who can walk can play golf, Beatrice Otieno’s mantra has become instrumental in her golfing journey that began in 2021, just after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Kakamega Sports Club member has made remarkable progress three years after making her debut in the sport.

She has played in the country and beyond, underscoring her unwavering commitment and indefatigable spirit that transcends beyond the whims of human limitations.  

Her knack for hitting a golf ball and calm demeanor sets her apart from other golfers who grace the courses. When she relocated to Kakamega from the city, her husband, a seasoned golfer, joined Kakamega Sports Club, and occasionally, she would accompany him to the course. One day, she challenged herself to swing, to her pleasant surprise, one of the caddies was impressed by the pin high shot. Since then, she has never stopped swinging.

In less than two years after starting her golf journey, she made quite an impact in a relatively short period of time. Beatrice was elected as the vice-captain for Kakamega Sports Club and  a member of the sports committee – a position she holds to date. It is unusual to see such a growth trajectory especially when you are a greenhorn, but her determination saw her break into those positions.

Her greatest achievement so far is winning the Lady winner award at the Entebbe Golf Club in Uganda during an amateur tournament in October 2023. According to her, this was one of the proudest moment in her life, representing the country in a regional tourney and crowning it with a trophy at the end of it. The only regret she has is not starting her golf journey earlier, an opportunity she says has been important in enabling her to burn a lot of calories, interact with people, and improve her physical fitness.

Drawing inspiration from Regina Gachora, the president of Junior Golf Foundation Kenya, the Banker quipped that there is need to introduce golf in the school curriculum as a sport to not only demystify the existing perception that it is an elitist sport, but also to nurture the next generation of golfers who will shine a light on Kenya’s plethora of talent. She has introduced her children to golf. She relishes the importance of the sports in fostering mental fortitude and discipline in her children. In fact, one of them, the 7-year-old, has been imperious, winning various junior tournaments and was recently selected to attend an elite camp at Windsor Golf Club sponsored by the US Kids.

Having been in the sport for a while now, Beatrice has challenged corporates to continue investing in the sport, especially in upcountry clubs and to invest in juniors and caddies for the future of the game. According to her, Kenya has a critical pool of talent that can be nurtured hence compete in local, regional, and international events to position the country as a sports behemoth. This is why she is keen on joining her friend Regina Gachora in junior golf mashinani campaigns to develop the sport from grass root level.

She’s passionate about the evolution of golf and its potential to positively impact individuals, both mentally and physically. Collaborating with others who share her vision could indeed help foster a stronger golfing culture, making it more accessible and appealing to younger generations. Encouraging young people to embrace the sport not only promotes their well-being but also ensures its continuation and growth.

Beatrice leads a multifaceted life, blending her interests in finance, golf, nutrition, and farming. Her strong approach to health and wellness, particularly mental health, is commendable. She prioritizes organic farming, ensuring that her family consumes healthy, homegrown produce. With her diverse interests and expertise, she brings a unique perspective to each aspect of her life, whether it’s managing finances, playing golf, or cultivating nutritious food.


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