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Kenya National Dialogue Forum warns of resurgence of criminal groups


The Kenya National Dialogue Forum is now warning that the ongoing demonstrations by the opposition have led to a resurgence of organized criminal groups.

While calling for a stop in the demos that have left scores dead, injured and property worth millions destroyed, the national leaders called for dialogue.

This came with stakeholders drawn from various parts of the country noted that the demonstrations had lost their original objective with those involved engaging on robbery.

Addressing the press in Naivasha after a two day consultative meeting organized by NCIC, the stakeholders warned that the country was headed for anarchy if the current impasse was not resolved.

According to Abubakar Fadhil, the rise in criminal gangs in the dynamic of demonstration was worrying with the youths turning against innocent members of the public.

While calling for immediate stop of the demonstrations, she noted that tens of lives had been lost sad property lost leading to further suffering by Kenyans.

“Peaceful picketing is enshrined in our constitution but the ongoing demos have created more criminal gangs who are now attacking and robbing at will,” she said.

Fadhil appealed to President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga to put aside their differences and dialogue for the same of millions of Kenyans.

“We condemn the violence by the protesters, the police and we are calling on the two national leaders to listen to the voices of the masses and act,” she said.

This was echoed by Ahmed Mohammed who noted that the demonstrations had lost their meaning the innocent members of the public loosing their lives and property.

“As we call for dialogue, we have noted that the demonstrations have turned out to be negative and killing our economy and its time this was called off,” he said.

A youth leader Felix Olwaka said that they should be involved in dialogue as the group was the most affected by the demonstrations that have left over ten dead.

“The dialogue should be pushed to the grassroots as this is where youths have been affected by the harsh economic  times and demonstrations,” he said.

A community leader Hassan Wako Isiolo expressed his fears that the country was headed to the dogs adding that the way forward lay in engagement.

Reporting by Antony Gitonga

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