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Kenyan Education Fund commissions 161 new scholars ahead of Form One intake

Mr. Francis Ngang is the County Director, Kenya Education Fund.

In a significant stride towards the barriers that keep millions of Kenyan children out of high school, the Kenyan Education Fund (KEF) on Wednesday announced the enrolment of 161 new students into its life-changing scholarship program.

Speaking during the press interview County Director of Kenya Education Fund Mr. Francis Ngang said that ” over 4,000 Kenyan Children have been supported by collective effort from different donors since 2001 and Kenya Education Fund (KEF) greatest area is in consolidating orphans and their well-being in providing life skills workshops”.

For the past 19 years, Kenya Education Fund has been unwavering in its commitment to providing access to quality education for financially underprivileged youth, addressing the root causes of poverty, gender-based violence, and injustice. With 600 active students, the organization is taking a giant leap this January by extending full high school scholarships to a new cohort, covering four years of high school and one year of college bringing the total of active students to 761.

Each of the 161 students will receive comprehensive support to ensure their academic success and holistic development.

The scholarship package includes School Tuition, Room and board, uniforms and shoes, Textbooks, Scientific Calculator, Sanitary Pads, Exam Fees, and Participation in KEF Workshops. This scholarship goes beyond mere financial assistance; it is a beacon of hope for those who may otherwise be unable to pursue their education due to poverty, drought, lack of accessibility, or cultural practices. KEF successfully transitions 99% of its students from high school to university, which is actively breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering self-reliance.

“Education is not just a ticket to a better life for these students; it is a catalyst for positive change within their communities,” said Monsheila, a representative of KEF

Over the years, KEF has empowered over 4,000 students, the majority of whom are now self-reliant contributors to their communities.

The organization’s impact resonates in the success stories of individuals who have overcome adversity, turning dreams into reality through education.

As KEF continues to champion the cause of education for all, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender, the organization invites fellow Kenyans to join the work by supporting underprivileged children around them. Together, we can create a more inclusive and empowered society through the gift of education.