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Kwale County pledges to support sports development


Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has pledged her administration’s support for sports development in the coastal county.

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Governor Achani said her administration would give priority to sports development in order to unite and empower the youths.

Achani says her vision is to make Kwale one of the foremost sports counties in the country, pledging to build more football pitches and other sporting facilities as part of her administration’s efforts to boost sports development.

The county boss urged the youths in Kwale to embrace sports and as well as with their academic pursuit.

She says the county will prioritise sports development as a tool to engage youths and combat drug abuse and crime.

Achani spoke after holding separate fund drives for Denmark Football Club at Maganyakulo, Waa/Ng’ombeni ward in Matuga sub-county and Wayzata Football Club at Gazi village in Kinondo ward Msambweni sub-county.

The fundraiser was organised by the local leadership to help support football teams in their sporting activities.

She said the fund drive is geared towards equipping the teams with the necessary sports kits and other projects to sustain them economically.

During the funds drive events Achani was accompanied by Matuga MP Kassim Tandaza,his Msambweni counterpart Feisal Bader, Kwale Woman Representative Fatuma Masito, nominated Senator Raphael Chimera and Kenya Ports Authority Board Chairman Benjamin Tayari.

Achani said the county  government will do everything possible to promote sports in the region.

“As a devolved unit we are also committed to ensuring that our youth are empowered to grow their talents,” she said adding that the youth should not relegate physical activities to the backburner but rather should pay much attention to them.

She said the importance of sports as a means of income generation and youth development cannot be overemphasized.

Achani told the youths to use their time and talents in sports development noting that the county government is cognizant of the fact that sports remain the easiest way of taking the youths off the streets.

She says the devolved government will explore all possible avenues for more youth participation in sports to empower them to become self-reliant.

Achani observed that sports development will be given due attention noting that grassroots sports development was key to building peace among communities.

The local leaders commended the county government for its sports friendly posture and urged it to continue prioritising sports development as a tool to engage youths and combat drug abuse.

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