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Neil Wigan hails Maasai community as stewards of conservation

British High Commissioner to Kenya, Neil Wigan, has hailed the Maasai community as stewards of conservation, nature, and natural resources, emphasizing their crucial role in safeguarding the environment.

Speaking during the homecoming event of the Maasai Council of Elders Chairman in Naisuyia, Narok North, Wigan expressed profound respect for the Maasai community and their rich cultural heritage.

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Acknowledging the longstanding historical ties between the Maasai people and the British Government, Wigan underscored the importance of dialogue and collaboration.

He revealed discussions with Governor Joseph Lenku of Kajiado and his counterpart Patrick Ntutu of Narok, where they delved into the history and challenges faced by the Maasai community.

Wigan also expressed gratitude to Bishop Sapit for facilitating an engagement with the council of elders in Nairobi, stressing the need to continue discussions on the present and the future.

Recognizing the Maasai Community as guardians of conservation, nature, landscape, and natural resources in the country, Wigan urged continued cooperation to ensure they reap the benefits of tourism and other economic activities.

Governor Lenku applauded the Maasai community for their efforts in conserving their culture, which he noted has been instrumental in their socio-economic development.

He highlighted the success of the MAA Economic Block in boosting the economy of member counties and emphasized the importance of environmental conservation, including the adoption of the Maasai Mau forest.

Governor Ntutu commended the Maasai Council of Elders for their leadership in steering the community towards a prosperous future.

He reiterated his government’s commitment to preserving Maasai culture and ensuring its recognition globally.

The event served as a platform to reaffirm the enduring partnership between the Maasai community and various stakeholders, with a shared commitment to preserving and promoting Maasai culture and heritage.

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