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President has given Western Kenya golden opportunity, says Mudavadi

The Western Kenya region has been challenged to tap into opportunities presented by President William Ruto’s government, amid calls for unity of purpose.

Prime Cabinet Secretary, Musalia Mudavadi has urged leaders from the region to unite, close ranks and speak in one voice in a bid to find solutions to the challenges facing the region.

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Affirming that the Government means well for Western people and there is no time to waste on divisive regional politics, Mudavadi condemned leaders who were misled to skip the tour of the President saying it has no basis.

“I regret when some leaders from our region are ill-advised to skip the Presidents tour which is focusing on enhancing our regional unity and collaboration with the national government, creation of jobs and building mutual respect for us to have the much-needed negotiating power in President Ruto’s government,”Mudavadi regretted.

“I want to warn them as early as this, they should recall what happened to some of us in the run-up to the repeat Presidential elections of 2017, when our captain by that time misled our supporters to boycott and we all ended up losing,” he added.

He noted that the unity of purpose they have been seeking as a region has now begun to manifest.

“President Ruto’s tour of Western Region has helped us prove that we are on the right track in cementing the unity of purpose for this region. When we close ranks and reason together, we get solutions to our challenges,” said Mudavadi.

Adding: “The President has a lot of faith in the people of Western Kenya because we have demonstrated that we are ready to support his agenda of transforming the economy of this country and making the lives of all Kenyans better.”

Mudavadi was speaking at Kanduyi, Uwanja Ndege grounds in Bungoma County during the interdenominational thanksgiving and prayer service.

As Kenya celebrates 13 years since the promulgation of the constitution, the PCS said it is time for the region to reflect on what is contained in the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto and realize that this is the time to get it right for the region.

He regretted that some leaders from the region have consistently declined to align with the reality that Ruto is focused on developing the country and has already set the ball rolling.

“The President has set the pace and we will walk together. Those claiming that he has put the country on an electioneering mode are wrong. Focus is on launching, inspecting, overseeing projects and progress that will change the lives and fortunes of all Kenyans.” said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi called on leaders from the region to think outside the box as representatives of the people especially when it comes to matters that require their collective input in Parliament and on the national platform.

“I want to plead with the legislators from Western Kenya to pay special attention to the budgetary making process where the allocation of resources takes place. We need to seize the opportunity and utilize it well and wisely for the benefit of our region and our people.” he affirmed.

Mudavadi re-assured the President and his government of full support from the leadership and the people of Western Kenya region saying they are ready to support his agenda now and in the future.

He said the region is cognizant of the fact that with the unity being demonstrated now and in 2027, the Kenya Kwanza team will be glued together without any hiccups.

“I will work hand in hand with President Ruto and support his agenda through the work he has given me as the Prime Cabinet Secretary. We will also rally our leaders and people to join this paradigm shift in the management of the affairs of Kenyans since we know the President means well for our region and Kenya at large.” affirmed Mudavadi.

He thanked the President for setting aside the 5-day tour of Western Kenya region having already visited Busia and he is expected in Bungoma tomorrow (Monday)

“The President has assured us that on Tuesday he will hold his cabinet meeting in Kakamega County which is in our Western Kenya region. This is a clear sign that he respects us and has the interests of our region at heart.”

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