Tanzanian rapper Emmanuel Elibarick better known as Nay wa Mitego has asked his Kenyan and Tanzanian fans to each explain why they believe the new song called “Wapi Huko?” is about either country.

This comes a day after Kenyans online claimed that the rapper was singing about the state of affairs in the country.

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With the Kenyan shilling now trading at KShs. 163.50 against the dollar and the exposé done by a local media house unearthing the rot at the core of public sector operations, it is no wonder that some of the lyrics in the song resonated with Kenyans.

Lyrics such as “Hiyo nchi Bwana uchumi wao ni tafrani” “wananchi hawasikilizi, wanalia na Mungu wao” and “Kupata kazi connection kuipata connection, utata” has convinced many of its listeners that it was written about Kenya.

Music personalities such as Joe Muchiri were quick to share that  “Tanzania had released a diss song towards us as a country…”

However, Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones shared an opposing opinion stating that the song was about Tanzania, Kenyans were only relating to it because the shoe fit.

“He talking about his own country, even though the shoe is also fitting hizi sides za kwetu,” Jones said.

On YouTube, one listener wrote, “Our Tanzanian friends. You have delivered this to us in Kenya” while another wrote, “Big up for spitting out the truth about our Kenya. Only the big guys are deaf, can’t hear a thing.”

Responding to such comments in Kiswahili, the rapper said that despite not mentioning a single country, he was surprised to see Kenyans claim the song. 

He further said that he had also seen similar comments from Tanzanians asking their neighbours to calm down stating that the song was 90 per cent about Tanzania and the state of its leadership.

He, however, did not clarify or explain which country the song was based on.

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