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Secure teachers in North eastern region-KNUT to Government

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The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) now says matters security cannot be compromised and that teachers working in the region must be accorded enough security in order to discharge their duties.

KNUT Assistant national treasure Kullow Mohamed Sheikh said that teachers cannot deliver well if they do not feel safe in the schools.

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The region has witnessed mass exodus of teachers following issues of insecurity, this has badly affected the sector something that has had a negative effect on the national examinations.

Speaking at a Garissa hotel during the Garissa branch annual general meeting, Kullow said even though the government was has put in extra measure to security the region, more needs to be done to protect teachers and schools.

“There has been a problem with the security of our teachers in the North eastern region. I urge the government to put more effort into protecting our teachers. If the government sincerely wants to support education here, they should up the security so that our teachers feel secure,” Mohamed said.

“The buses transporting teachers during opening and closing of schools should also be escorted by police in these areas especially the Nairobi – Mandera and Wajir – Mandera routes,” he added.

He also thanked the president for the taskforce on education reforms adding that the teachers fully support the implementation of all the recommendations.

“As a union, we want to be at the forefront on the implementation of the taskforce on education reforms. We will work with all stakeholders in the government to ensure that these reforms are carried out,” he said.

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama said that as along as insecurity remained a challenge in the region,important sectors like education will continue being affected.

Jama said that it was the responsibility of the government to ensure that schools in all parts of the country have enough teachers who are protected to carry out their duties well.

He however regretted that the locals in the region had refused to enroll for teaching courses even after his administrations promised scholarships for students to pursue the courses.

“We have Garissa Teachers Training College here, we cannot keep blaming teachers from other regions for refusing to go schools in places like Hulugho or other interior areas in the county because our young people have refused to enroll for teaching courses,” Jama said.

“How many local students are enrolled for teaching courses now? We have tried to talk to them and even introduced affirmative action and sponsorships for teaching courses here but no one comes out? If our own do not want to teach our children, why are we blaming others for refusing to teach here?,” the furious governor posed.

Dekow on his part said that education remains the biggest equalizer calling on the government to invest more in ensuring that security is realized.

He however quick to point out the importance of the local community being involved by sharing actionable intelligence to the security apparatus for action to be taken before incidences occur.

“We are who we are today because of you teachers. Education is the only thing that brings together the poor and the rich to discuss thing that are of importance both at the national and community level.so we have every reason to support this very important sector and ensure that it is not grounded,” he said.

He challenged all stakeholders to encourage form four leaders to take up teaching courses noting that the numbers were very low a thing he said has directly contributed to teachers shortage.

KNUT Garissa Executive Abdirizack Hussein took issue with TSC failure to confirm many teachers who have been serving as school heads on acting capacity for long despite going through the interviews recently.

Report by Kinyungu Kithendu

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