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High Court declares housing levy unconstitutional

A three-judge bench at the High Court has declared the housing  levy proposed in the Finance Act 2023 as unconstitutional. Delivering the ruling on Tuesday,...

High Court to deliver verdict on Finance Act 2023

The High Court on Tuesday is set to deliver a judgment on petitions challenging the Finance Act 2023. A three-judge bench consisting of Justice David...

Supreme Court to rule on Finance Act on 28th Aug

The fate of the Finance Act 2023 will be known on the 28th of this month when the Supreme Court is expected to give directions...

Finance Act: EPRA boss summoned for contempt of court

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) Managing Director, Daniel Kiptoo has been summoned by the High Court for contempt of court over the...

Pre-trial of petition challenging implementation of Finance Act starts Monday

A three judge bench that was appointed by Martha Koome last month to hear and determine the Finance Act 2023 is set to start...

Court of Appeal lifts suspension of Finance Act 2023

The government can now proceed with the implementation of the Finance Act 2023 at least for now as the case on its constitutionality continues.

Raila says absence from protests occasioned by flu

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has caused anxiety after failing to appear during the ongoing anti-government protests, now says he is recovering from a flu.  Odinga, who did...

Finance Act 2023 remains suspended

The Court of Appeal has declined to grant interim orders staying the ruling by the High Court that suspended the implementation of the Finance...

Three-Judge bench appointed to hear petition challenging Finance Act 2023

Chief Justice Martha Koome has appointed a three-Judge bench to hear the petition challenging the Finance Act 2023.  Presiding Judge David Majanja, Justices Lawrence Mugambi...

Twitwe ita: Utwi wa koti yiulu wa Mwiao wa Kinandu wa...

Samuel Mwanza ula ni mutaalamu wa maundu ma Ilovia na miao, aielesya yiulu wa Mwiao wa Kinandu wa mwaka wa 2023, itina wa koti kumya utwi wa kwamba kuungamwa kwaw'o mbee kuthukumithwa.