The Adventure Farm, founded over 25 years ago with the objective of offering its consumers immersive culinary experiences while embracing environmental sustainability, teamed up with Gin brand Tanqueray 10 Gin for a night set aside to explore farm to fork and seed to sip.

Guests were invited to this establishment to explore the concept of a circular production unit and an emphasis on the use of botanicals to celebrate Earth Day.

The farm-teaming with life from friendly geese to grapevines captivated the guests, showcasing a commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement.

A locally trained guide was on hand to take attendees through their recycling processes that ensured the effective use of resources while spotlighting the need for sustainable farming practices such as intercropping and irrigation.

Thereafter, they made their way to the rustic-themed restaurant for an evening of environmental education, culinary exploration and Tanqueray 10 cocktails.

The panel discussions moderated by Maryanne Mwaniki carried out conversations on renewable energy, inclusivity in the value chain and the use of botanicals in crafting the Tanqueray 10 Gin- A special gin made from fresh fruits and herbs creating a symphony of unmistakable flavour.

Guests were treated to a sumptuous three-course meal as they crafted their very own cocktails with ingredients harvested straight from the Adventure farm.

The five senses were fully engaged throughout the evening as attendees further refined their palates amidst the calming sounds of Jazz and the soothing scent of farm-fresh botanicals.

This experience served as a catalyst for inspiring sustainable practices within the culinary and beverage sector with the involvement of community being key.

Tanqueray Gin continue to show their commitment to environmental sustainability by forging direct relationships with farmers and supporting regenerative agricultural initiatives.

This ensures the integrity of its ingredients while contributing to the preservation of natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

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