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UNDP Africa and Africatalyst to host discussion on developing credit rating solutions for Africa’s financial needs


UNDP Africa in partnership with Africatalyst will co-host a high level panel discussion under the theme: Developing Credit Rating Solutions for Africa’s Financial Needs.

The event will be held in a hybrid format, featuring both an in-person session and virtual participation, on the sidelines of the 59th Annual Meeting of the African Development Bank (AfDB) at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Global Trade Centre in Nairobi, Kenya on 28th May

The event will assess the impact of credit ratings on Africa’s economic prospects.

Panelists will explore the challenges associated with financing development in Africa, shedding light on the regulatory framework governing credit ratings agencies in Africa while exploring alternative innovative solutions to empower governments to access critical financing.

Participants include experts from government, academia, research, finance, the private sector, civil society and development partners.

The overall objective of the event is to deepen commitment and strengthen capacity for African countries to improve their creditworthiness and access critical financing for their development initiatives.

The dialogue will also foster improved networking, partnerships and resources for financing development in Africa.

The event will seek to:

●Evaluate the impact of credit ratings on investment decisions and access to international capital markets by African countries.

●Examine the regulatory environment governing credit ratings agencies in Africa and propose measures to mitigate negative effects.

●Discuss recent developments, including the proposed establishment of the African Credit Rating Agency.

●Explore measures sovereign African countries can undertake to regulate the publication of credit rating.

Confirmed Speakers include Hannah Ryder- CEO Development Reimagined,Guy Deslondes – Managing Director EMEA Head of Financial Services,Governments and Structured Finance Ratings, S&P Global,Daouda Sembene-CEO Africatalyst,and Raymond Gilpin- Chief Economist and Head of Strategy at Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP.

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