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We must protect Kenya’s democracy, President Ruto says amid opposition protests


President William Ruto has urged Opposition leaders to refrain from abusing the country’s democracy through disruptive demonstrations.

The President argued that the constitutional provision on picketing and demonstrations must be executed in peace without causing harm to people’s lives and property.

“We have absolutely no issue with any constitutional provision on picketing or demonstration but we cannot be a country of chaos, we cannot be a country of violence and nobody should take advantage of any constitutional provision to perpetuate violence and to destroy public property and cause loss of life,” said Ruto.

Speaking in Kericho town, the Head of State said the solution to the high cost of living lies in the strategic economic planning by the Kenya Kwanza government and not in street protests.

“We must protect our country, we must our democracy by making sure that our politics is devoid chaos or destruction of property. We must protect this country and the police must be firm on criminals and hooligans who want to destroy other people’s business. The police have a duty to protect every Kenyans property and life,” he said.

Ruto called on the opposition to present their concerns through the right channels instead of engaging in disruptive demonstrations, adding that any discussions must center around issues affecting Kenyans.

“We are okay with having a dialogue as long as it involves the people of Kenya but we will not hold discussions on power sharing. Kenyans already made that decision at the ballot,” he stated.