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MP Mbai proposes relocation of GK Prison for affordable Housing


Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai wants the state to relocate Kitui’s main GK prison to a rural area in Kanyonyoo, with the aim of freeing up space for the expansion of the town and the initiation of an affordable housing project.

The Kenya Kwanza lawmaker lamented that the county risks being locked out of President William Ruto’s affordable housing initiative due to a lack of public land within the town. He said that the move to relocate the GK prison, currently located in the town centre, would be a game-changer for South Eastern Kenya County.

During a press conference held outside the Kitui GK jail, Mbai called on President William Ruto to sign an order compelling the State Department of Correctional Services, a division of the Ministry of Interior, to start moving the prison.

“The affordable housing project has not kicked off in Kitui like other counties, which is why we have suggested relocating our GK prison, which sits on over 1,000 acres of land, to a safe location in Kanyonyoo, which is also public land,” said Mbai.

“We urge the President to tour Kitui and lay the foundation stone for the affordable housing project within GK prison land so that we are not left behind by other counties,” added Mbai.

The second-term MP claimed that building affordable housing developments on the grounds of the GK prison would be a surefire method to boost the town’s economy.

“Our police officers and other government officers, as well as ordinary citizens in Kitui, will have an opportunity to own houses within the town,” Mbai stated.

He requested that President William Ruto come to Kitui County and hold a harambee (community fundraising event) to help Mama Bongas and the owners of boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) grow their companies in order to eventually purchase homes in the planned affordable housing development.