Revellers of Nairobi thronged to the Waterfront grounds in Ngong Racecourse for the Gordon’s Funfair, un-coupled edition.

The event was all chill and thrill as people flocked the grounds looking all spick and span in the company of someone or alone to dance the night away and make connections.

The ravishing Amina Rabar and captivating BV accurate were the MCs for the day and they did a formidable job in keeping the audience alive.

In the early hours of the night a mood was set as love songs from award winning singers like Beyonce ,R.Kelly and others were performed by the Jukebox Band and different renditions from the melodious voices of the Untamed Band while people enjoyed different flavors of Gordon’s Gin.

The peak of the night was when Charisma was introduced to the stage at around 10:00pm and the crowd went into a frenzy hooking people with his hit make song Number One.

Joining him to perform their collabo trust issues was Bensoul .

He later finished his performance with Sina Noma after performances from mugithi singer Ayrosh and Kinoti.

The funfair also had legendary DJs like G-Money,Grauchi who gave Kenyans a mixture of Old –school and Urban hip-hop satisfying every age group in the crowd.

Other Dj’s that graced the night included Dream, UV,CNG and the ravishing Redborn.

Besides having a good time, Kenya startup, Wowzi were also present to teach content creators on how to monetize their content by linking them with brands through the Wowzi app .

This allows them get mass traction for their content and connect them to opportunities.

The event attracted people from all races ,genders and age-groups who came to experience love while having a good time as they were treated to games like jenga, virtual games for techies and gamers, karaoke competition for those who are good at singing ,pool and a booth for book lovers who could party away while enjoying a nice read.

The Funfair left people talking on their social media pages as it extended into the wee hours of the night.