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Naivasha MP lauds successful crackdown on illicit brews


Naivasha MP Jane Kihara has praised the ongoing fight against illicit brew, calling it successful despite facing opposition from some quarters.

Kihara highlighted that the initiative had led to the rehabilitation of numerous youths and a reduction in crime rates in urban centres severely impacted by second-generation brews.

These remarks came during the activation of floodlights in Guest Estate, Naivasha, in response to a rise in petty crime involving muggings and house break-ins.

Addressing the residents, Kihara identified illicit brews and smoking bhang as significant vices affecting hundreds of youths across the country.

She expressed concern over petty crime, attributing it partly to the influence of illegal brews and bhang.

“I am happy with the progress in combating illicit brews, and we should continue to eliminate this menace,” she stated.

Kihara urged residents to collaborate with the police in identifying those involved in criminal activities before the situation becomes unmanageable.

“The floodlights donated by the Department of Housing will be instrumental in addressing security challenges in some estates,” she noted.

Naivasha Assistant County Commissioner Purity Kathure also warned bar owners flouting the law, declaring that their days were numbered.

She pointed out Mithuri as one of the most affected areas and emphasized that the fight against second-generation brews would continue unabated.

Kathure assured that authorities were working closely with members of ‘Nyumba Kumi’ to curb the vice of insecurity that has led to multiple attacks.

“We are aware of issues related to petty crime and bhang smoking, and those responsible will be apprehended soon,” she said.

Local leader Charity Mwihaki praised the installation of the floodlights, noting their importance in tackling security issues.

This sentiment was echoed by David Githiga, who called for the repair of floodlights in other estates, highlighting the impact of insecurity on businesses.

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