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Pastor Dorcas to engage Kilifi widows in mangrove restoration


Pastor Dorcas Rigathi will engage Kilifi County widows in a mangrove restoration project under her office.

Speaking in Gede Grounds when she met thousands of the widows, Pastor Dorcas has said this is one of the empowerment projects that she intends to do in the coastal county.

“We want to start mangrove restoration in a project that will bring together the widows in the county and the vulnerable populations within this county.

Pastor Dorcas said she has secured an investor who will set up a Carbon Credit institute in the county of Kilifi to train the widows on carbon credit, a project that is set to start in a few weeks to come.

This follows the signing into law of the Climate Change (Amendment) Bill 2023 by President William Ruto last year which set the stage for the regulation of carbon markets in the country.

This also gave nob for the country to mobilize resources to strengthen the capacity for climate resilience initiatives joining other countries such as South Africa, Indonesia and India which have been in efforts to set up domestic carbon trading markets.

Kilifi County First Lady Susanne Mung’aro encouraged women to use the available resources for their development and the wellbeing of their children. She lauded the efforts by Pastor Dorcas in dignifying the lives of the widows pledging her support in the program.

Her sentiments were echoed by Kilifi Deputy Governor Flora Mbetsa who termed the efforts by Pastor Dorcas as transformative to generations.

Kilifi North MP Owen Baya said the empowerment program will not only change the lives of the widows but those around them.

Widows’ empowerment program is part of the four pillars under the office of the Spouse of the Deputy President Pastor Dorcas Rigathi.

She also shared her story of being brought up by a widow with them encouraging them never to lose hope.