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Pastor Dorcas to mobilize for tougher laws to deal with illicit brewers

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has vowed to mobilize for tougher measures that will deal with those selling illicit brews which she termed as poisons.

While mourning the death of more than 10 people and others while others went blind in Kirinyaga County Pastor Dorcas said the law has been lenient on those arrested for selling or distributing illicit brews, drugs and substance abuse in the country.

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Her sentiments comes after it emerged that the owner of the bar that sold the brew in Kangai Village John Muriithi Karaya alias ‘California’ has been arrested severally but released on cash bail every time he is arraigned in court.

“Even if it means legislating very serious laws that will be able to mitigate such cases, I am willing to mobilize and make sure that we are not losing our men.”  She said.

She has decried that the Mt.Kenya region has lost far too many men due to illicit brews, something she says should not be tolerated.

“We have so many widows around and that means there are so many households without coverings (men). I think it is time we say no to this. Those who are making these poisons better be served notice they better look for other business, because we will not allow them to kill our children as we watch. “ She added.

She was speaking in Ngorano Village, Mathira, Nyeri County in the company of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua where she is coming up with a Health Village.

The Health Village will be used to rehabilitate some of the addicts from across the country.

It will also include other facilities such as a health center,sporting academy, a TVET, Agribusiness space among others. Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is expected in Kirinyaga on Friday.

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