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State releases Ksh1.5B for various groups, needy students

The grants will cover the third and fourth quarter of the 2023/2024 Financial Year.

Principal Secretary Anne Wang'ombe

The Government, through the State Department for Gender and Affirmative Action, has released Ksh1.5 Billion to support affirmative action groups in the 47 counties on various programmes.

The funds will cover school bursaries for learners from vulnerable households as per the mandate of the National Government Affirmative Action Fund.

Of the total amount, Kshs.273 Million has been disbursed towards supporting bursaries and scholarships for 25,000 students to enable them to access education opportunities and skills development.

The Fund has also disbursed Kshs.413 Million towards supporting 2,000 registered affirmative action groups with grants for socio-economic empowerment and value-addition initiatives.

“The grants are meant to increase the disposable income levels for the beneficiaries for improved livelihoods through enterprise development” Principal Secretary Anne Wang’ombe

Further, the Fund has disbursed Kshs.677 Million on countywide projects whose benefits will be available to a widespread cross-section of the inhabitants of the community in the 47 counties.

“On this, the Fund will continue to support in the prevention and response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence including through the construction of GBV centres; socio-cultural development including nurturing of talents; provision of water facilities and other social amenities meant to provide an enabling environment for businesses to thrive through the BETA economic model” she added.

To ensure continued interaction with the community, the Fund has disbursed Kshs.137 Million for civic education to sensitize the community on various government programmes and policies, how to access NGAAF funds and other devolved funds.

The civic education forums are meant to ensure increased uptake of government programmes.

Beneficiaries of the grants are affirmative action groups that have successfully made their applications and met the eligibility criteria for funding through NGAAF County offices in the 47 counties by 3rd April 2024.

“The Fund’s respective NGAAF County offices have reached to the individual beneficiaries for immediate support. The State Department is cognizant that it is the Government’s unwavering commitment to improving the livelihoods of the affirmative action groups and enhancing access to financial facilities and services” the PS stated.

“To this end, the State Department will ensure that no one is left behind among all deserving individuals and groups in accessing NGAAF programmes and services” Wang’ombe affirmed.

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