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Universities urged to restructure programs to meet job market demands


Institutions of higher learning have been challenged to incorporate technology in their academic programs to prepare graduates for the competitive job market.

Speaking during a public lecture held at the KCA University Ruaraka Campus, KCA Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaiah Wakindiki said universities have a critical role in adapting to evolving job market trends to ensure their graduates are employable.

He highlighted the introduction of market-driven programs, emphasizing on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to foster innovation, creativity, and job readiness among students.

“The pace of technological advancement and shifts in the job market are accelerating, and as educational institutions, we must adapt swiftly for the benefit of our students. We aspire to empower our graduates to thrive in any circumstances they encounter in their professional lives,” said Wakindiki

M-Pesa Africa Managing Director who is also the KCA University Council chair Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, stressed the urgency of higher learning institutions aligning themselves with contemporary job market demands and designing programs that directly address these requirements.

He specifically cited the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector as one of the key employment opportunities for students, acknowledging the government’s support in facilitating the sector through initiatives such as improved internet connectivity and the establishment of ICT hubs.