Dubbed “Love/Hate Pt. 1”, the album is out on all platforms.

Alternative R&B Kenyan singer-songwriter, Xenia Manasseh takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions with her debut album ‘Love/Hate Pt. 1’- released Friday, September 1. The 11-track work is delicate, fierce and woven with raw and vulnerable lyrics that explore the uncertainties of love.

The poignant debut album artfully weaves together soulful melodies, introspective lyrics, and relatable dilemmas that are sure to resonate with her fans from all walks of life. The stripped-down visualizer for the title single “Love/Hate” drips with sorrow, hope, and with an eclectic energy that captures the listener at every turn. 

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Speaking about the new album, Xenia says,  “Love/Hate is one of the songs I felt that encompassed all the feelings that are spoken about in the album–the good, the bad, and in-between. I try to remember that balance as [a lifeline]. I’m also a Libra which is the sign of the scale, so I try to see the world through that lens and I felt like it’s not just representative of the album but also of me,” adding, “I feel like everything in the album falls under those two words. It’s like a pendulum swing – you’re in and you’re out.  When people listen, the title will resonate with them.”

The tracklist includes songs and features as follows:-

  • GI’s Intro feat. Edgar Manasseh
  • Soul Lovers
  • Late Night Check-Up feat. Shalom Dubas
  • Southwards feat. Tay Iwar
  • Anticipate feat. Karun
  • Temporary Love
  • Cheza Chini Interlude
  • Lowkey
  • Niambie
  • Precious
  • Love / Hate

Opening with “GI’s Intro”, a soft, soulful Swahili song Xenia features her grandfather Manasseh. They harmonize and bond over a Swahili composition by Luka Tututu from the Coast Province, where Xenia’s family comes from, a prelude that sets the tone for the emotional rollercoaster that follows. “Soul Lovers” then kicks in, capturing Xenia’s yearning for a renewed and balanced love, a sentiment that many can relate to. 

Later, “Late Night Check Up” featuring American-Nigerian rapper Shalom Dubas explores late-night introspections, while “Southwards” with Tay Iwar delves into daydreaming about someone who may not be the right fit. “Anticipate” showcases Xenia’s vulnerability, with the haunting vocals of Karun echoing her worries about the longevity of a romantic relationship. But, in “Temporary Love,” she finds the courage to express her true desires and overcomes anxieties that might have held her back.

Halfway through the album, “Cheza Chini” casts Xenia as the protagonist asking her partner to safeguard their love in the privacy of their connection, echoing her desire to protect what they have. The same theme is replicated in “Lowkey,” and in “Niambie,” she demands a declaration of love. 

“Precious” takes us on a journey of self-discovery, as Xenia realizes her self-worth within the relationship. She sets her boundaries and shows us how self-love can be the foundation for all forms of love. 

With Love-Hate Pt 1, Xenia Manasseh delivers an album that captures the essence of love’s highs and lows, inviting listeners to resonate with the emotions and experiences shared through her soulful music.

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