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Adopt mediation to settle disputes among Christian faithful

The Muslim faithful have the Kadhi courts, and maybe it’s time the Christian faithful established a mediation mechanism to settle disputes that arise within the community.

This was the subject of discussion when Christian leaders that included archbishops, bishops, pastors, and the spouse of the Deputy President, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi met at Karen on Thursday.

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The idea of establishing a Christian Mediation Centre was explored, an institution centred on the divine order and with the Bible as central in guiding every decision made.

It was proposed that those who qualify as mediators would go through a rigorous training process, and screening to ensure they handle disputes professionally, in a divine and godly way.

Pastor Dorcas said that such mediation would work towards safeguarding families and communities, saying, “Every law of the land and every divine law is to cement family values.”

She emphasized the need for the church to safeguard the family noting the advancement of same sex relationships in the society.

“We cannot legalise sin. Every divine order has consequences, and we must not defy the divine order. It is time the church boldly defends their faith, and one way is through mediating on issues affecting families,” she said.

The Christians face different kinds of disputes – family disputes, church disputes, marital disputes, and matrimonial property disputes – which could be resolved easily through a mediator, and promote harmonious living.

Archbishop Dr. Arthur Kitonga of Redeemed Gospel Church strongly condemned those advocating for same sex relationships, and asked the clergy to watch against such perversions.

The Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua later joined the meeting, and had a separate discussion with the church leaders, urging them to speak against illicit brews and hard drugs from their pulpits.

“We are requesting that for the next six months, you dedicate some time in your sermon to speak about drug abuse and illicit alcohol as part of building a network of information against this menace,” said the DP.

Others present included Archbishop Gerry Kibarabara, Bishop Dr. Margaret Wangari, Bishop Dr. Mophat Kilioba, Ev. Mama Mwai, Bishop Paul Wanjohi, Bishop Dr. Pius Muiru, Rev. Dr. Lucy Muiru, and Bishop Dr. Stanley Michuki among others.

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