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Legislator unhappy with KCSE performance

Nyali MP Mohamed Ali has expressed his dissatisfaction with the constituency’s poor results in the 2023 national examinations.

The concern, he said, must be addressed by all stakeholders. He promised to convene a meeting with all the Head Teachers to come up with solutions.

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“We will go for a retreat for them to explain where the problem lies because I have built schools, issued bursaries, bought school buses and ensured other programmes ran smoothly. They should tell me why they don’t produce the results that I want,” said the MP.

He added that Parents should also take responsibility by following up on their children’s progress in school.

In last year’s KCSE, public schools from the constituency had registered 667 candidates. It was a poor showing from the group with just one candidate managing to score a B (Plus) or B (Plain), six  had B minuses, 20 C Plus, 21 C Plain, 48 C Minus, 89 D Plus, 186 D Plain, 228 D Minus and 96 Es.

“There is something wrong and we must fix either it is from your side or it is on their side and I must fix this problem once and for all. I am not going to put all my energy into building schools, in paying school fees, in buying buses and then you are giving me poor results,” stated the visibly agitated MP.

He went on: “This year we must change, we must walk the talk It hurting!”

Teachers were urged not to entertain absenteeism from Form Four candidates who tend to skip classes after KCSE registration.

“Kick them out if they don’t want to be at school and if a parent comes also chase him. It is either they are in school or they are outside,” the MP stated, adding parents risk arrest for not taking their children to school.

The MP recalled his humble upbringing living in slums saying he is keen to ensure children from humble backgrounds excel in academics to have brighter futures.

He noted that he won’t allow the selling of drugs to school-going children promising to ensure that the selling of mugukaa outside schools is stopped.

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