A case of life imitating art…

Real Housewives of Nairobi alum and Single Kiasi actress Minne Kariuki through her lawyers Mwenda Njagi & Co. has issued a cease and desist order to Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami days after the latter sued the former.

In her lawyers’ statement on behalf of Kariuki, Minne has asked that Ntalami cease defamatory remarks against her. The filing also said that Minne had yet to be issued with legal documents pertaining to the suit Ntalami claims to have filed.

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“…as of the date of this letter, our client has not and never has been formally or otherwise served with any court papers related to any lawsuit filed by you,” the statement read.

On Wednesday, Ntalami made public a suit made through her lawyers asking that Kariuki offer a public apology for the damaging comments made on the Real Housewives of Nairobi show against her character. The suit was said to have been filed on September 25.

However, Miss Kariuki’s lawyers say that without serving the legal documents of said suit to their client, Ntalami’s public remarks are defamatory.

“your public statements suggesting legal action against our client without serving her with proper notice or legal documents are both inaccurate and defamatory,” the statement further added. 

On Wednesday, Ntalami made public that she had sued DNR Studios, M-NET and Kariuki for among other accusations, defamation and breach of code of conduct.

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