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NARC Kenya officials, members to back Karua for 2027 presidential bid

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Officials from NARC Kenya have said that they will back their party leader Martha Karua for the position of President come the next general elections that will be held in 2027.

Speaking when they toured Isiolo County, the officials and other leaders affiliated to the party urged residents of Isiolo to join the party during their ongoing registration drive in preparation for the next general election.

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Paul Gichuki, the Organising Secretary of the party said come the next general election, they will field candidates that will vie for several positions in order to ensure that Kenyans get good leaders that will look into their needs.

Gichuki noted that they are still part of the Azimio Coalition but are laying plans as a party to stand on their own come the next general elections.

He noted that their party is not happy with the NADCO report as key issues that pertains the cost of living were never addressed.

He noted that some other issues that have angered their party is the National that proposed about three quarter of the total budget for statehouse instead of looking in more into the interests of the common citizens.

Salesio Kiambi, MCA Wabera ward who was elected on a Narc Kenya ticket said since Raila Odinga is contesting for an AU position, Martha Karua will be the best candidate to contest for the top seat hence they will fully support her.

He added that the NARC Kenya party leader has not left the Azimio Coalition and that they will join any party that will be in line with their manifesto and will recruit more members across the country and will adhere to the law to ensure that both genders get a representation of the various seats that will be contested for.

They reiterated the need for good leadership in order to spearhead the country to the next level of development.

Ambrose Apayo, a member of Narc Kenya from Isiolo said if the Azimio Coalition leader Raila Odinga will get another position, then they will not think twice about supporting Martha Karua who has continued to stand firm in the field of politics and has been a voice for many people, including people from pastoralist communities.

As residents of Ngaremara ward in collaboration with people from Oldonyiro, Apayo said they will do their best to ensure that many residents of Isiolo register with the party since it will be the one to spearhead the country to the next level.

He added that they will make a point of visiting villages and various wards in the county in order to educate people about the party.

Ekeno Lepeyen, also a member of the party said she has decided to join the party and support Karua to see if they will witness a change in their lives having suffered and being neglected for many years.

She urged other women across the country to support the NARC Kenya leader for a change.

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