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Family accuse hospital of medical negligence over death of kin

Francis Auma Muslims For Human Rights (MUHURI) Rapid Response officer addressing the media after the conclusion of the postmortem of the late Sisirya John who died at Premier Hospital in Mombasa on left he is flanked by the diseased daughter Pascaline Nyambeya and on Right Bradley Ouna, Lawyer Concern Citizen.

A private hospital in Nyali’s Constituency has been accused of medical negligence that led to the untimely death of a patient under their care.

Pascaline Nyambeya, daughter of the deceased, says her mother, Sisirya John was misdiagnosed by the hospital in her 59-day stay.

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After the death of the 78-year-old patient, the hospital declined to discharge the body until the medical bill was cleared. Later Civil societies intervened and the body was released.

The family hired a private pathologist who conducted a postmortem on Saturday under the watch of officials from the Muslim for Human Rights (MUHURI) organization and DCI officers at a funeral home.

“I urge the government to take action by investigating this hospital because today is the first time I know my mum had cancer but was being treated for other ailments.

When we went to the hospital they said it was a stroke but she had complications and was taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). They started saying it’s kidney failure, aspiration pneumonia but according to today’s autopsy for the first time it was revealed my mum had cancer, I didn’t know that they never told me,’’ said Pascaline Nyambeya.

She accuses the hospital of improper administration of treatment to her mum during her stay at the hospital resulting in diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

“I wish they told me the truth, they told me it’s pneumonia. I wish they told us Mum had terminal cancer,” said Nyambeya sobbing uncontrollably.

She wants the Kenya Medical Practitioners Council (KMPC) to unravel the mystery of misdiagnosis by doctors.

The hospital was accused of making incessant calls to the daughter to top up the money she had paid as a deposit.

“Even today they refused to release her medical records to carry out an autopsy,” revealed Nyambeya, adding if she knew her mum had cancer she could have received different treatment.

“I was very harassed by the hospital for money I even used to hide in the ward. It has traumatized me a lot,” she decried.

Francis Auma Rapid Response Officer MUHURI calls for accountability of private hospitals in the country.

“Her mum’s death was painful under the watch of doctors who are supposed to save lives. We hired a private pathologist who found out that the doctors messed up and she died too early because of the negligence of doctors and greed for money,’’ he said.

Bradley Ouna, Lawyer Concern Citizen said they will report the medical negligence case to the Kenya Medical and Dentists Practitioners Council and file an inquest in court.

“The doctors were treating a condition they were not aware of and they didn’t want to know,” he said.

Efforts to reach Premier Hospital Chief Executive Officer Charles Kariuki were unsuccessful,our calls were not answered and messages not replied.




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