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NTSA, Lipa Likes launch “Abiria ni Mayai” road safety campaign


The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has partnered with a number of local companies to launch a campaign dubbed – Abiria ni Mayai – to sensitize on road safety and its benefits.

The campaign initiated by social media platform Lipa Likes and supported by Kenya Commercial Bank and Rising Stars targets boda-boda operators through awareness raising, training, and reward of good behavior.

NTSA Director General George Njao says the campaign has been necessitated by the fact that most motorcycle riders operate without helmets and reflector jackets endangering themselves and their passengers.

“Life is very delicate. He or she needs to be driven with a lot of caution. Most importantly the passenger and the rider ought to wear a helmet at all times to remain safe on the road,” he said during the launch of the campaign

Nick Mararo is the Chief Executive Officer of Lipa Likes

Lipa Likes Chief Executive Nick Mararo corroborated his sentiments. According to Mararo, pillion passenger safety is one of the most overlooked aspects of the boda boda business in the country.

He alludes to data indicating that a third of Kenyans who have died on the roads in the last 6 years have been out of boda boda accidents.

“This is a safety and skill campaign. We are pushing for a safety-conscious rider and passenger. Helmet-wearing is a key and integral part of this. Helmets save lives.” said Mararo

NTSA and Lipa Likes are concerned that the helmet and reflectors are the most overlooked safety items leaving Kenyans endangering their lives as they try to reach various destinations, with the constant threat of accidents and dangerous riding.

Data released in April 2024 focusing on the busy boda boda industry, capturing findings for the last 6 years – that is between 2018 and 2023, a third of road accident deaths were caused by boda boda dangerous riding.

The campaign which officially kicks off on Sunday at the Kasarani sports complex, will see various boda boda riders compete in a competition that will have them carry eggs, milk, and water with the aim of seeing who will have the least damage to what they are carrying.

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