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Bangbet sponsors Kariuki as 2024 Safari Rally kicks off

A total of 29 drivers will be competing

This year’s WRC Safari Rally kicked off Thursday at the Super Special Kasarani stage and runs through Sunday, March 31st, with the final 19th stage, Hell’s Gate 2—Wolf Power Stage.

A total of 29 drivers will be competing in the WRC rally 1, rally 2, rally 3, and the Kenya national rally categories.

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In a resounding vote of confidence, local sports betting firm, Bangbet has renewed its alliance with rally sensation Josiah Kariuki, marking a significant boost for Kenya’s presence in the global motorsport arena at the WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2024.

The collaboration promises an electrifying spectacle against the backdrop of Naivasha’s majestic landscapes, setting the stage for a thrilling display of talent and endurance.

The partnership, now in its second year, is a testament to Bangbet’s commitment to fostering local talent and elevating Kenya’s presence on the international rally stage. The scenic yet treacherous landscapes of Naivasha are set to come alive for the three days, promising rally fans an unparalleled spectacle of determination, skill, and endurance.

Bangbet’s support for Kariuki extends beyond the financial, reflecting a deeper philosophy of nurturing not just individual athletes but entire communities through the universal language of sports.

Kariuki, alongside his co-driver John Ngugi, represents the pinnacle of local sporting talent, their journey emblematic of the struggles and triumphs that define the path to rally greatness.

Kariuki, behind the wheel of his Bangbet-branded Subaru Impreza, speaks to the transformative power of the sponsorship.

“Their belief in us is pivotal; it’s transformed the race for us,” he shares, underscoring how the partnership has been instrumental in overcoming the significant financial barriers that often sideline talented drivers.

“The sponsorship is more than a lifeline; it is a catalyst that propels them from contenders to champions, focusing their energies on strategic planning and execution rather than the burdens of fiscal constraints,” said Bangbet’s CEO.

“The ethos of Bangbet’s involvement in the WRC Kenya encapsulates the company’s sincere passion for sports development and athlete empowerment. By equipping Kariuki and Ngugi with the latest in gear and strategic support, Bangbet’s CEO heralds the start of an inspiring collaboration aimed at enriching Kenya’s sports narrative, ensuring that local athletes have the platform to compete and excel on a global stage” he said.

As the WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2024 gets underway, optimism within the motorsport community reaches a fever pitch. Kariuki, with an impressive track record and the backing of Bangbet, is poised not just to participate but to dominate.

“With Bangbet beside us and an enhanced car, we’re aiming high,” he declares, embodying the spirit of ambition and resilience that Bangbet aims to instill in all its sponsored athletes.

“This partnership symbolizes more than just a financial transaction; it is a mutual belief in potential, excellence, and the unifying power of sports” Kariuki adds.

Kariuki’s story, amplified by Bangbet’s strategic partnership, serves as a beacon for aspiring sports talents across Kenya. It underscores the significant impact that thoughtful, targeted sponsorship can have on an athlete’s career, transforming dreams into tangible achievements. This alliance transcends the individual, symbolizing a collective journey towards greatness, community upliftment, and the forging of a lasting sports legacy.

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President William Ruto officially launched the competition Thursday afternoon at the Kenyatta International Conventional Centre (KICC) in Nairobi.

President Ruto flags off the 1st car at the 2024 WRC Safari Rally driven by Carl Tundo
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