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Narok traders reap big during regional music festival

Report by Mary Muthoni

Annual music festivals held at Maasai Mara University in Narok County have become a beacon of economic growth for local traders with the events providing them with platform to market their products and services.

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Traders, from not only Narok county but also neighboring counties in the Rift Valley region, have also reported significant profits from participating in the event. The events attract participants and visitors from various parts of the country, making it an ideal opportunity for traders to expand their customer base and generate substantial profits.

During the festivals, the university campus transforms into a bustling market place, with stalls and booths set up to display a wide range of products and services. One of the traders, Ibrahim Sankale, a professional photographer, expressed his excitement over the festivals saying they have been a game-changer for him and fellow traders.

“We eagerly look forward to this event every year, as it allows us to showcase our businesses. The demand for our products during the festival is unmatched, and we see a substantial increase in sales, which has a positive impact on our livelihoods,” Sankale added.

Traders offering foods and beverages have also witnessed a surge in demand as visitors cherish to taste local delicacies. Geoffrey Kireu, a food vendor, shared his success story saying music festivals have been a welcome opportunity for his business.

“My team and I work tirelessly to meet the demand, and it is truly rewarding to see customers enjoying our food,” Kireu observed.

The positive impact of the music festivals has not been limited to Narok county alone. Traders from neighboring counties in the Rift Valley region have also benefited significantly.

The increased economic activity has had a ripple effect on the entire region, boosting trade and commerce and contributing to the overall growth of the region’s economy.

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